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here you can see repair examples at oldtimer - tractors.



     water -tank at an Allgaier -tractor

     nearly complete around cracked.

     the crack length complete approx. 1,40 meters.









 water - tank during the repair treatment,                        after the repair completion.


      after the painting work,

      the tight repaired crack is not more


      the oldtimer - tractor shines like a new one.





      cylinder - housing at a

      Kaelble- tractor cracked.





the crack in the cylinder - bloc is visible.

latch-plate arrangement is bored.




     the cracked point after the repair completion.

     after the painting work, the repaired place

      will be not more visible on the surface.





     two cracks in the motor-bloc

     at a Fahr - tractor.




the cracks in the motor-bloc are visible.

the cracks are thight repaired with latch-plates

and screw mountings.




      after the repair completion,

      the motor - bloc can be painted.